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Verdugo Hills of Peace Cemetery Skits & Tour
  Verdugo Hills of Peace Cemetery Skits & Tour
   Saturday October 14th!
   Five tours during the day
Here's your event program:
  1. Each "Tour" will see a jaw-dropping slide presentation and talk at Bolton Hall about this cemetery's "rocky" history
  2. Tours leave Bolton Hall by bus for a 10-minute trip to Hills of Peace Cemetery
  3. Upon arrival, tours break into four groups, each guided by Cadets
  4. Cadets escort you to SIX two-person skits portraying our early pioneers
  5. 15 to 20 unaccompanied minutes to walk and sight-see the cemetery, talk and take photos with actors, take selfies, ask questions, get free water...
  6. Your bus takes you back to Bolton Hall!

Who will you meet in six poignant and funny skits?
An early town hall meeting. (Uh-oh!)   Sports rivals!    A singin' preacher and his no-nonsense missus.    Two nationally successful S-T businessmen: One wants a country wife; one founds a school and praises a lady who helped thousands.   And our pioneer couple who made it big and helped everyone.
Come meet your Cadets! They're as helpful, polite and clean-cut as any kids you'll ever meet!
See and hear the slide presentation. Laugh and be moved by six reenactments—in costume!
Our last tour got rave reviews and TV time. Be a part of this one!
   Here's the page to visit! Lots more information at this link!
On that page, look for the link to pre-buy your tickets. (Must pre-purchase)
About two hours long. Restrooms on site.
This is a fundraiser for the maintenance of Bolton Hall and the Cemetery.
All participants volunteer their time and love!

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