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Los Angeles NC Budget Day
Saturday, June 24th is Budget Day and all Angelenos are invited. Besides a free breakfast, attendees will have the opportunity to check out the amazing architecture of City Hall and learn a bit about the City’s budget and how it operates.

To learn more about Budget Day and to register, click here:

We will hear from a variety of speakers, both from the City government and those looking in at how it operates. Council President Herb Wesson will be joined by the City’s CAO, Richard Llewellyn with other perspectives coming from Kerry Cavanaugh of the Los Angeles Times editorial Board and voices from our Neighborhood Council system.

Regional break-out sessions will follow to discuss more local concerns, to learn a bit more about the Budget Representatives and the stakeholders they represent, and for the Budget Reps to elect the upcoming year’s Budget Advocates from among their number.

Anyone can attend any session (and we really want your input) but only the specified Region’s Budget Reps can vote.

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