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Vote for Oro Vista Park

Message from Jaime Contreras, ( Bureau of Engineering, Dept. of Public Works Recreational & Cultural Facilities Program: Oro Vista Park made the final cut of projects and is now on the ballot for a Parks Build Community Grant to install fitness equipment. If the park is awarded the grant, Gametime will contribute to get a fully installed fitness zone. Hope you can vote for the project (note that you can vote once daily till 4/30/2016). Click the link to register. I think the first page is to nominate any park (don't want this); the second page is where you click Oro Vista Park to vote for it (if you so choose). please vote @ or for the Oro Vista Park Please forward to all interested parties that you know of. Thanks. Happy voting.

Oro Vista Park -- A possible grant for more improvements -- deadline is April 30. STNC Board Member John Laue ( Environmental Rep) message and request for you to vote: LA Park and Recs just sent me an email that Oro Vista Park is one of three finalists for a $20,000 grant from the city. If our park receives the grant, it would be used to install some badly needed exercise and fitness equipment--see the photo below for example of this equipment. The only catch is the park that receives this grant will be determined by the number of votes each project receives
This is where you come in. All of us who would like to see some fitness equipment installed at this park should go to this website, and vote early and often for our park: The reason I say "early and often" is you can vote for our park every day between now and April 30--the more days you vote, the better the chances are that our park will receive this grant.
I know this sounds a little weird, but these are the rules that Parks and Rec dreamed up to determine which park gets the grant. The other two "finalists" are upgrades to a baseball field in San Pedro and some new signage for Griffith Park.
I believe that getting this equipment installed at Oro Vista will encourage more of our neighborhood residents to visit and use this new park. This is a great opportunity for us aging boomers as well as all you younger folks to stretch and strengthen our muscles in a beautiful outdoor environment. So please go to this website and vote for our park as often as possible between now and April 30. If you have questions or need more info, please contact me at or attend the next STNC meeting this Wednesday, 7 p.m. Thanks!

Important:  The STNC works to inform the community and bring you closer to government.  This is your opportunity to vote or not vote for Oro Vista park.  You have the opportunity to communicate directly with the City as well.

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