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RESULTS of the Utility Box Mural Art Contest
We ARE  closer to the big day when we will see our artists painting them. The multiple approvals and costs to fund them has taken more time than expected but we're almost there!

BELOW ARE THE RESULTS for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Utility Box Art Mural Project for 2014-2015. A PROJECT OF THE SUNLAND-TUJUNGA BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE, Gail Carlson, Region 2 Rep & Chair of the Beautification Committee.

The Results are in !

We have officially received 69 submissions for the first 12 Sunland-Tujunga Community DOT Utility Box locatons. The contest was great and large outpouring of talent. Voters will choose 14 on January 24.
All submissions are be posted on the STNC website under photos.  Artists names are listed here.  Artists are sharing their submissions on social media.
The actual voting will not have a name on it, just the number and the name of the art.
 Below is this list in order of who submitted first to last:
Art #
  1. Nick Jeon
  2. Nick Jeon
  3. Nick Jeon
  4. Nick Jeon
  5. Nick Jeon
  6. Jennifer Benston
  7. Ricardo Cerezo
  8. Ricardo Cerezo
  9. Amber White
  10. Giovanna Pizzoferrato
  11. Scuba Sam
  12. David Hawley
  13. Nuria Ortiz
  14. David Romero
  15. Isabel Vartanian
  16. Sarit Halo
  17. Marylou Dimsdale
  18. James McInnes
  19. Gustavo Cruz
  20. Gustavo Cruz
  21. Donald Gialanella
  22. Donald Gialanella
  23. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  24. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  25. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  26. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  27. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  28. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  29. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  30. Esther Lee and Pranay Reddy
  31. Rozine
  32. Rozine
  33. Rozine
  34. Rozine
  35. Rozine
  36. Cynthia-Red Tango
  37. Lance Morris
  38. Lance Morris
  39. Jess Perry-Martin
  40. Alan Roman Reyes
  41. Linda Stewart
  42. Tony Campos
  43. Damien Valentine
  44. Suzy Beal
  45. Suzy Beal
  46. Suzy Beal
  47. Kaitlynn Nichol
  48. Kaitlynn Nichol
  49. Kaitlynn Nichol
  50. Kaitlynn Nichol
  51. Kaitlynn Nichol
  52. Kaitlynn Nichol
  53. Kaitlynn Nichol
  54. Corina Roberts
  55. Corina Roberts
  56. Corina Roberts
  57. Corina Roberts
  58. Derek Chavez
  59. Derek Chavez
  60. Derek Chavez
  61. Sarit Halo
  62. James McInnes
  63. Gerardo Barrientos
  64. Gerardo Barrientos
  65. Gerardo Barrientos
  66. Debby Beck
  67. Debby Beck
  68. Ryan Stephen
  69. Ryan Stephen
Local voting contest to be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at two scheduled locations in Tujunga:
YMCA - 9 a.m. - 12 noon
North Valley City Hall - 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Votes will be counted at North Valley City Hall by an independent CPA and volunteers.
Thank you to all the artists for their submissions and to the community for your support of this Community Improvement opportunity.  Next Steps after Voting:  The top 14 choices will be submitted to the City for approval.  Artists will be contacted by the City to complete their art on the utility boxes.  We will celebrate the completion on site and at a future STNC meeting.  It could be a few months before these are completed.  
Thank you,
Gail J. Carlson, AKA Auntie Gail
STNC Region 2 Representative
Chair, STNC Clean Up & Beautification Committee

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